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Banafsheh Erfanian is a Toronto based painter, illustrator, and arts educator. She was born in Tehran, Iran. She graduated from Tehran University of Art with a Bachelor of Graphic Design and holds a master's in Illustration. Banafsheh has illustrated many books and magazines and has written more than 25 articles in art reviews. Her work exhibited in 45 exhibitions around the world such as in Iran, Italy, US, Canada, Russia, China, Japan, and Serbia- has won awards such as RBC Arts Access Awards, Canada, 2019 and 2017, The Award of Excellence of Golden Pinwheel Young Illustrators Competition, China, 2016; the 1st Prize of The Second Festival of Text Books Illustration, Iran, 2006; the Encouragement Prize of the 15th Noma Concours for Picture Book Illustration, Japan, 2004, among others. Banafsheh has been short-listed in numerous international illustration catalogs and awarded grants from Toronto Art Council, and City of Toronto. 

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